New Apps and Old Games on my Android

This game has been in my phone for quiet a long time already but I still enjoy playing it. It’s actually pretty entertaining since I always love playing sims but previous versions of this game was only on home consoles like PC, PS or XBOX. With The Sims Freeplay available on the Android and iOS, things are pretty much better since everybody gets to play it anywhere. Besides staying at home just to play this seems to be not my type. That is why when this game was released, I just had to have it and playing it anywhere and anytime is the biggest plus ever. It is also pretty much interesting to note that every month a new update is being released and that is probably why I still continue to play this game. I did get some pretty awesome SIMS freeplay cheats on my android and they work quiet well since I get all the resources I need. But eventually it will just get you bored with the game. So my suggestion is to maybe try it on a separate account but also try it on an account that without using any trick hacks. Although quests are also so much fun to play so it will always keep you busy.

There’s also another old game that I still keep playing on my Android phone. This game is Dungeon Hunter 5 which reminds me of older games I used to play on my pc. (what’s that game again…. errr… sorry can’t remember the name) but anyway, the appearance and gameplay is very similar. What’s even better is its being available on the Android has always been a huge plus for me since I’m working now and playing this games only come when I have extra free time like on the bus going back home or on the plane or train when travelling to other places. I think this game was released a year ago but it still packs some good punches. Not to mention the very good graphics it offers on the phone and comparable to that of the PC games. I hope they will add more new contents to the game so that it can lure more players to the game.

There is this one game however that has gotten me pretty excited about because they say that it will also be released on the mobile platform. I have always been a big fan of FIFA and have been playing all previous versions. Now with the official FIFA 17 released means only days away before its release. That is why I am pretty much excited. To my excitement, I search the whole internet world for days and even found sites already getting ready for a fifa 17 Cheats guide. Of course, I already bookmarked them so I can always go back and check it if I need any help. Just look at the video above form youtube and how huge the game is and with all the new players added to the game makes it a must have game. Although initial releases is said to be only for the PS and XBOX, still I will be waiting for the mobile version. And I think the developers should prioritize the release of a mobile version. Just take for example the pokemon go that was released solely for the mobile market. It literally raked in money for the developers. Things is the developer were not careful and failed to improve the gameplay and that also has become their downfall.  Point is, the mobile market is huge and users and mobile gamers are more connected to the game simply because they carry the device day in day out. That means more potential earnings from the developers. So I just really hope they would prioritize this. So I can also play right away. haha.